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Open PhD Position (m/f/d)  in Tropical Agroecology (University of Würzburg)

“Ecological intensification and multifunctionality of cacao agroforestry systems in Peruvian landscapes (ECO-CACAO)”

Improving the conservation of biodiversity and associated ecosystem services while increasing sustainable food production requires the development of novel land-use approaches. Tropical cacao agroforestry systems can support biodiversity and benefit from pest control and pollination services depending on local and landscape management factors. However, cacao production in its genetic origin Peru is currently hampered by poor use of native cocoa diversity, frequent pest and disease outbreaks, low resilience to climatic extremes, and lack of biodiversity friendly ecosystem service management. This project aims to quantify the relative role of local management, cacao genetic diversity and landscape context on multiple ecosystem services (of arthropods, birds and bats) such as pollination, biological pest control and crop productivity. The DFG funded project builds on international collaborations in Europe and Peru, including Bioversity International, National park Cordillera Azul and the universities of Göttingen, Vienna, and Würzburg.

starting date is February 2022

application should be submitted as a single pd-file per email to ingolf.steffan@uni-wuerzburg.de

latest until 31st October 2021

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