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Lab News

May 2023

What a month in our group:

Congratulations Bikash for an excellent PhD defence! We wish you all the best for the future!

Same for our postdoc Mathias Diepold, who also successfully defended his PhD work in Sotriffer lab!

Last but not least - Congratulations also to Belinda for a great defence of her Master thesis.

Great work everyone and cheers to all of you!

March 2023

Julia Wenzel joined our team for her master thesis - welcome, Julia!

January 2023

I am delighted and grateful to be awarded an ERC consolidator grant (#ERCCoG). In PROTAC-PDAC we will target oncogenic transcription factors in pancreatic cancer. I thank my research group, my colleagues in Würzburg and my many collaborators for their fantastic cooperation and help!

Our master students Marie and Katharina both successfully defended their work. Congratulations to both of you for a great thesis!

Our postdoc Mathias Diebold published his article about a covalently linked Aurora-A/MYCN complex. Congratulations, Mathias!

November 2022

Congratulations Daniel Solvie, Apoorva Baluapuri and Leonie Uhl for a fantastic publication in Nature about the multimerization of MYC!

Ashwin won the poster competition of the EUREKA! Symposium 2022 (organized by GSLS)! Congratulations!

September 2022

Congratulations to Jessica for publishing her work in Front Cell Dev Biol. together with Almut Schulze and team!
We have two new starts at the lab!!
Matthias Diebold joins us as a postdoc and Belinda continues with us for her master's thesis!

June 2022
"You did it! Congratulations to Jessica for a great defense of her PhD! We whish you all the best!"

"Another great team effort with Knapp lab: our next PROTAC paper is online now! Well done, Lorenz and Jelena!"

Mai 2022
Well done Bikash for winning the best poster award at the GRK2243's Ubiquitin Symposium 2022!!

April 2022
Congratulations to our collaborators AGRiedel for their latest paper out in Cancer Immunology Research!

Welcome to our new PhD student - Juliane Müller!

January 2022
Many congratulations to the lab of Prof Dr Ulrich Keller for their latest paper out now in Nature Communications. It was great to collaborate with them and we are looking forward to more interactions in the future!

We have three new lab members - Marie, Katharina and Nurbanu! Welcome to  the Wolf Lab

December 2021
Bikash and Ashwin published a paper on generating AID Knock-In cell lines. Thank you for this resource!

November 2021
We have new helping hands in the lab - Belinda has joined us as a research assistant!

August 2021
Our work was highlighted in a viewpoint article by by Antti Poso in the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Thank you, Antti!

July 2021
Happy to see our recent paper about the direct role of SPT6 in transcritpion online at Molecular Cell! Please have a look at the paper and our press release, if you like.

May 2021
Bikashs second PROTAC paper is online at the Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. Another great collaboration with the Knapp lab. Well done, Bikash and Anja!“
April 2021
Congratulations to Julia for a superb defense of her PhD thesis! Looking forward to more of the exciting science with you!
Many congratulations to the lab of our collaborator Stefan Burdach for their latest paper out now in Blood: MondoA Drives Malignancy through Enhanced Adaptation to Metabolic Stress!

March 2021

Excited to be part of a research project about drugging MYC funded by the Alex´s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer

December 2020

Great digital lab retreat together with the Dölken lab - thanks to Lars and his team! here

September 2020

Our paper on PROTACs for Aurora-A is online at Nature Chemical Biology. Well done, Bikash! See our paper and press release.

September 2020

Happy to be part of the new cancer center for Bavaria! Würzburg will host one of four new National Centers for Tumor-diseases (NCTs). We are excited to develop novel strategies based on controlled break down of cancer-causing proteins which will open avenues for novel therapies in the research program of this new cancer center! More Details can be found here.

September 2020
We have two new lab members! We welcome Lara and Jonas and wish them a lot of success and fun!

August 2020
Many congratulations to the lab of Prof Dr Thomas Rudel for their latest paper out now in Nature Microbiology. It was an amazing opportunity to collaborate with them and look forward to similar things in future!

March 2020
Our review on TARGETING MYC is online at Annual Review of Cancer Biology. Have a look if you like.

January 2020
We have a new PhD student - welcome Lorenz!

November 2019
We are looking forward to our 1st AG Wolf Retreat from 28th to 30th November 2019!

October 2019
And yet another reward for our multitalented Apoorva - Best speaker award at the Eureka_GSLS_2019. Congratulations!!!
We are pleased that Yiliam Cruz García joined our team as a senior scientist. Welcome Yiliam!

September 2019
Our interns joined as Master students - welcome Beril and Mahmoud!
We are looking for a HiWi with Felasa-B certificate to support our team. Just drop us an email to

August 2019
Two new papers by our collaborators Martin Sos (article) and Martine Roussel (article) in Nature Communications, within one month. Congratulations!

July 2019
Congratulations to Apoo on the Biozentrum-2019 Award for the exceptional achievements in natural sciences! See an article here.

We have an opening for a PhD student position in our team! For further information, please, check out: here

June 2019
Another great paper from the Gaubatz lab: Congratulations and thanks for the great collaboration!“

April 2019
Julia's and Apoorva's paper is online! Here find the paper at Molecular Cell and a press release from the University of Wuerzburg.

We have a new lab member: Welcome Tanja!

March 2019
Congrats to Steffi, Jacqueline and Gabriele for their Nature paper!

We also have a new lab member: Welcome Ayool

February 2019
We have a new HiWi: Welcome Heather!

January 2019
We have a new lab member: Welcome Jan Philipp!

November 2018
We are looking for a talented master student for 2019 (Biochemistry, Biomedicine, Fokus Life Science...) - mail to Elmar

July 2018
Würzburg gets a new cancer research center! We congratulate Prof. Eilers and our Dean, Prof. Frosch, for driving this. (find the news here)

April 2018
We welcome our new lab member: Bikash

March 2018
Lorenzos and Wolfgangs Paper is out in Plant Cell: Congratulations!

New lab member:
Welcome Nevenka and Pranjali

January 2018
New lab member:
Welcome Christine, Markus and Ashwin to support our team

December 2017
Apoorva got an Add-On fellowship from the Joachim Herz Stiftung (find their program here). Well done!

November 2017
Julia won the 1st prize in the Poster competition of the Eureka-Conference (organized by GSLS). Congrats, Julia!

October 2017
Peter Gallants and Jennifer Gerlachs Paper is online (link). We congratulate our collaborators.

September 2017
We thank the European Research Council (ERC) for our new funding! You can find a German article about the proposed project here.

“Happy our”:Friday (14.09.) in our kitchen with “Federweisser”. Guests are welcome!

August 2017
Theresa defended her Bachelor thesis. We wish Theresa all the best for her Masterstudies!

July 2017
How to have a congenial atmosphere in the laboratory - a few Do’s and Dont’s from Nature Press. Link to article

Vanessa started her Master project - good luck, Vanessa! 

October 2016
Apoorva won the image contest at the EUREKA conference. You find his picture here.

September 2016
New lab member: Welcome Jessica!

July 2016
Francesca's paper is published in eLife. Congratulations to all authors! Link to article
David Levens wrote an „insight“ about our work. Link to insight-article

April 2016
New lab member:
Our second PhD student started: Welcome Julia!

January 2016
New lab member:
Welcome, Apoorva and congratulations to your GSLS-stipend.