Chair of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

    Lab News

    July 2018
    Würzburg gets a new cancer research center! We congratulate Prof. Eilers and our Dean, Prof. Frosch, for driving this. (find the news here)

    April 2018
    We welcome our new lab member: Bikash

    March 2018
    Lorenzos and Wolfgangs Paper is out in Plant Cell: Congratulations!

    New lab member:
    Welcome Nevenka and Pranjali

    January 2018
    New lab member:
    Welcome Christine, Markus and Ashwin to support our team

    December 2017
    Apoorva got an Add-On fellowship from the Joachim Herz Stiftung (find their program here). Well done!

    November 2017
    Julia won the 1st prize in the Poster competition of the Eureka-Conference (organized by GSLS). Congrats, Julia!

    October 2017
    Peter Gallants and Jennifer Gerlachs Paper is online (link). We congratulate our collaborators.

    September 2017
    We thank the European Research Council (ERC) for our new funding! You can find a German article about the proposed project here.

    “Happy our”:Friday (14.09.) in our kitchen with “Federweisser”. Guests are welcome!

    August 2017
    Theresa defended her Bachelor thesis. We wish Theresa all the best for her Masterstudies!

    July 2017
    How to have a congenial atmosphere in the laboratory - a few Do’s and Dont’s from Nature Press. Link to article

    Vanessa started her Master project - good luck, Vanessa! 

    October 2016
    Apoorva won the image contest at the EUREKA conference. You find his picture here.

    September 2016
    New lab member: Welcome Jessica!

    July 2016
    Francesca's paper is published in eLife. Congratulations to all authors! Link to article
    David Levens wrote an „insight“ about our work. Link to insight-article

    April 2016
    New lab member:
    Our second PhD student started: Welcome Julia!

    January 2016
    New lab member:
    Welcome, Apoorva and congratulations to your GSLS-stipend.


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