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ALARM: Assessing large-scale environmental risks with tested methods

Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter, Catrin Westphal, Birgit Meyer

Funding: EU (FP 6)
Duration: Februar 2004 – Januar 2009

ALARM is an Integrated Project (IP) under the 6th EU Framework programme. It combines the expertise of 54 partners from 27 countries. The general objectives are to assess and forcast large-scale shifts in biodiversity and ecosystem functioning. The focus is on risks consequent on climate change, environmental chemicals, rates and extent of loss of pollinators and biological invasions including pathogens and the development of ecological and socio-economic risk indicators. 

The Pollination Module with 10 partners (coordinated by Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter) aims to mitigate risks for pollinator diversity and to ensure sustainable pollination services in the future and has the following main objectives: (1) Quantify distribution shifts of key pollinator groups across Europe, (2) Determine the relative importance of drivers of pollinator loss (land use, climate chance, environmental chemicals, invasive species), (3) Measure the economic and biodiversity risks associated with the loss of pollination services in agricultural and natural ecosystems, (4) Promote the conservation and sustainable use of pollinators in natural and agricultural ecosystems, and (5) Develop predictive models for pollinator loss and consequent risks.

Research areas: Germany, Greece, Spain, UK, Poland, Sweden

Habitats: agricultural fields, natural or seminatural habitats

Species groups: bees, syrphid flies

More informationwww.alarmproject.net/

Key Publications:

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Meyer, B; Jauker, F; Steffan-Dewenter, I (2009) Contrasting resource-dependent responses of hoverfly richness and density to landscape structure, Basic and Applied Ecology, 10, 178-186 

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