Lehrstuhl für Tierökologie und Tropenbiologie

Dr. Simon Thorn

Prof. Dr. Simon Thorn

Professur in Philipps-Universität Marburg und Leiter der Staatlichen Vogelschutzwarte
Hessisches Landesamt für Naturschutz, Umwelt und Geologie (HLNUG)
Staatliche Vogelschutzwarte
Institut für angewandte Vogelkunde
Europastraße 10
35394 Gießen

- Windthrow and bark-beetle project

- Effects of sun exposure on saproxylic beetles

Since 2016 Postdoc at the University of Würzburg, Field Station Fabrikschleichach, Germany

2013-2016 PhD Student at the Technical University of Munich, Germany.
Thesis “Effects of salvage logging on biodiversity – Ecological evidence for conservation-oriented management of natural disturbances”

2013 Master thesis “Collateral damage beyond species – How post-windthrow salvage logging alters the functional composition of saproxylic beetle assemblages“, University of Gießen, Germany

2011-2013 Masters degree in Biology at the University of Gießen, Germany

2008-2011 Bachelors degree in Biology at the University of Gießen, Germany (Thesis: “GIS-based habitat model for the little owl (Athene noctua) in Hessen”)


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