Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

A brief history of the CCTB

  • The CCTB is part of and was started by the Faculty of Biology of JMU Würzburg, with the goal of advancing the expertise and research activities in the field of computational biology and data analysis.

  • The concept was developed since 2013 by Prof. Markus Engstler, Prof. Thomas Dandekar and Prof. Jörg Schultz, who also served as the first Board of Directors.

  • The first research groups started in October 2015, when the CCTB moved into building 32 on Campus Hubland Nord, a former housing area of the US Army.

  • In September 2016, the CCTB was officially inaugurated by the President of the JMU, Prof. Alfred Forchel, during the first International CCTB Summer School.

  • Since October 2018, with the appointment of Prof. Sabine Fischer as W2 Professor for Macromolecular and Cellular Simulations, there are now six research groups working at the CCTB.

  • In 2020, the CCTB became part of CAIDAS, the new Center for Artificial Intelligence and Data Science of the JMU Würzburg, which forms the data science node within the Hightech Agenda Bavaria.