Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

Theoretical Biology

Research in our group spans levels of organisation - from subcellular entities to societies. We are interested in elucidating the associations and interactions that power the emergent complexity at multiple scales. Our focus is on eco-evolutionary processes within and between the valuable but amorphous organisation of hierarchies of organisation. We utilise the toolbox of theoretical biology while simultaneously developing it further. With "Insight preceding application" (Max Planck), we then eventually deploy our knowledge into action via translational programmes.

Ecosystem of the group

The following group members are currently delocalised between the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology, Ploen and the CCTB:


Gaurav Athreya (Master’s thesis student)

Dharanish Rajendra (PhD student)

Małgorzata Fic (PhD student)

Dana Lauenroth (PhD student)

Chaitanya Gokhale

Publications and outreach

For more information about the group members and our interests please refer to the individual pages above or visit https://tecoevo.github.io

Alternatively feel free to browse through our publication list https://tecoevo.github.io/publications/ .

If any PDF's are not accessible please feel free to contact Chaitanya.

Open positions

Currently we have an open postdoc position in the group for a total duration of 4 years.

Please refer to https://evol.mcmaster.ca/~brian/evoldir/PostDocs/UWurzburg.TheorecticalBiology and follow the instructions for application.

Deadline June 30th 2023.