Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology


Four research groups covering different aspects of computational biology form the core of the CCTB. Two affiliated research groups provide a link between the CCTB and the Biozentrum.

Our common research topic is the development and application of computational and theoretical approaches to generate novel, quantitative biological insight from large-scale experimental data. Currently, the potential of new technologies is often not used due to a lack of resources, time and theoretical concepts necessary to fully explore the generated data. In close collaboration with experimentalists, we use data analysis and quantification as well as data-driven modeling to develop a better understanding of fundamental biological mechanisms on all scales, such as evolution, development and growth, or population dynamics. Furthermore, we adopt open science standards in our research to ensure reproducibility and collaboration in the biological sciences.


Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology
Gebäude 32
Campus Hubland Nord
97074 Würzburg

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Hubland Nord, Geb. 32