Collaborative Research Center / Transregio 166
High-end light microscopy elucidates membrane receptor function

In the CRC/TRR 166 ReceptorLight high-end light microscopy techniques with highest spatial and time resolution are applied and further developed to gain deeper insight into the function of membrane receptors. The participating groups in Jena and Würzburg bundle their methodological expertise in the field of super-resolution microscopy, electrophysiology, and biophysics of membrane receptors to generate new insights into the function and distribution of diverse membrane receptors, and in parallel, to induce the development of new high-end light-microscopy methods.

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Center for Personalized Molecular Immunotherapy

The European Structural Fund supports two new projects of the University of Würzburg with more than EUR 4.3 million. In close cooperation with the University Hospital and regional companies, research activities aim to drive medical progress.

"The Bavarian State Ministry for Education, Science and the Arts funds two seminal projects which the University of Würzburg runs jointly with regional companies by providing more than EUR 4.3 million in total from funds of the European Regional Development Fund", Bavarian Minister of State, Dr Ludwig Spaenle, announced a few days ago.   more >>

Light-induced cell damage in live-cell super-resolution microscopy

Super-resolution microscopy can unravel previously hidden details of cellular structures but requires high irradiation intensities to use the limited photon budget efficiently. Such high photon densities are likely to induce cellular damage in live-cell experiments.  more >>

Latest Publications

  • Super-resolution imaging reveals the nanoscale organization of metabotropic glutamate receptors at presynaptic active zones Siddig, Sana; Aufmkolk, Sarah; Doose, Sören; Jobin, Marie-Lise; Werner, Christian; Sauer, Markus; Calebiro, Davide in Sci Adv (2020). 6(16) eaay7193-.
  • Targeting GABAAR-Associated Proteins: New Modulators, Labels and Concepts Khayenko, Vladimir; Maric, Hans Michael in Frontiers in Molecular Neuroscience (2019). 12 162-.
  • Opsin 1 and Opsin 2 of the Corn Smut Fungus Ustilago maydis Are Green Light-Driven Proton Pumps Panzer, Sabine; Brych, Annika; Batschauer, Alfred; Terpitz, Ulrich in Frontiers in Microbiology (2019). 10



Multiple-Labeled Antibodies Behave Like Single Emitters in Photoswitching Buffer

Molecular resolution imaging by post-labeling expansion single-molecule localization microscopy (Ex-SMLM)

Links zwei spermienbildende Zellen, die mit ExM-SIM expandiert und mit einem beugungsbegrenzten Mikroskop abgebildet wurden. Rechts die detaillierte 3D-Aufnahme eines einzelnen synaptonemalen Komplexes. Die 3D-Information ist farblich kodiert, der Messbalken links entspricht 25 Mikrometer, der rechts drei Mikrometer.

High-end Microscopy Refined

Impulse for Research on Fungi