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Department for Molecular Pflant-Pphysiologie and Biophysics - Botany I
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apl.Prof. Dr. Dirk Becker (Head)

Antonella Reyer (Doctoral Researcher)

Focus of Research

As sessile organisms plants are rooted to the spot and use context-dependent information to adjust their growth and development to ever changing environmental conditions. Their sensory capabilities allow plants to sense biotic and abiotic signals to convert them into adaptive responses via plant specific signaling networks. The plasma membrane with its associated and embedded proteins represents the molecular interface between plant cells and their surroundings. Other than fulfilling receptor functions integral membrane proteins are instrumental in mediating the transport of water and solutes and thus provide for cellular homeostasis and communication.

The main focus of our research resides in the investigation of the molecular physiology and biophysics membrane delimited processes involved in ion transport and signaling. Using electrophysiology in combination with molecular cell biology and bioinformatics we are studying (i) the molecular transport mechanisms of ion channels and transporters, (ii) the regulation of channels and transporters by calcium based signaling networks, (iii) the structural basis for channel regulation and (iv) their physiological role in stress adaptation responses.

If you are interested in our work please contact us for practical courses, bachelor or master thesis. We are happy to welcome you in our team.