• HEK-293T cells infected with Chlamydia trachomatis expressing chlamydial deubiquitinase Cdu1-FLAG
Chair of Microbiology


Over the years, many doctoral students, postdocs and professors have left the department. New students and colleagues join, becoming pillars of research and teaching - and good friends. The list of these employees is long - too long to mention the students for whom the Chair was an "academic home" for the duration of a thesis.

Nevertheless, the colleagues who have enriched the chair in recent years should be mentioned here. (This list does not claim to be exhaustive).

Dr. Marco Albrecht

Yousra Aldneini

Dr. Daniela Auer

Dr. Sebastian Blättner

Dr. Linda Böhme

Esteban Ceballos

Dr. Suvagata Roy Chowdhury

Dr. Yury Churin

Dr. Thomas Däullary

Dr. Sudip Das

Dr. Michaela Faulstich

Dr. Annette Fischer

Dr. James Foster

Dr. David Gerlach

Monika Götz

Dr. Michaela Groma

Dr. Magdalena Grosz

Dr. Nitish Gulve

Dr. Franziska Hagen

Simone Haninger

Elisabeth Heinrichs

Conny Hellmuth-Gürz

Dr. Jo-Ana Herweg

Dr. Motaharehsadat Heydarian

Dr. Jessica Horn

Dr. Kristina Keidel

Alexander Klein

Dr. Max Klepsch

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Kreft

Dr. David Krones

Dr. Naveen Kumar

Dr. Tobias Kunz

Dr. Maria Kupper

Dr. Franziska Lessing

Elke Maier

Dr. Adrian Mehlitz

Dr. Nicolai Ondrusch

Dr. Christine Ott

Kristyna Pekarkova

Pon Prakash

Dr. Bhupesh Prusty

Prof. Dr. Karthika Rajeeve

Dr. Carolin Ratzka

Dr. Ursula Rdest

Michael Renteln

Dr. Anastasija Reimer

Dr. Christine Siegl

Dr. Franziska Solger

Dr. Prema Subbarayal

Joana Sühlfleisch

Qi Tian

Dr. Nadine Vollmuth

Jonas Weinrich

Dr. Ann-Cathrin Winkler

Dr. Yibo Xian

Dr. Tao Yang

Dr. Marie Zachary