Center for Computational and Theoretical Biology

Computational Evolutionary Biology


The capability to evolve is a hallmark of all biological systems. Reconstructing evolutionary history and unraveling underlying mechanisms is the main interest of my group. Currently, we are focusing on three different levels, namely proteins, transcriptomes and genomes. The common denominator of our projects is the use of computational and statistical methods to analyze large-scale data with the aim to understand how biological systems change over time.

Current Projects


2020[ to top ]
  • {{H}ow to {G}row a {T}ree: {P}lant {V}oltage-{D}ependent {C}ation {C}hannels in the {S}potlight of {E}volution}. Dreyer, I.; Sussmilch, F. C.; Fukushima, K.; Riadi, G.; Becker, D.; Schultz, J.; Hedrich, R. In Trends Plant Sci. 2020.
  • {{G}enomes of the {V}enus {F}lytrap and {C}lose {R}elatives {U}nveil the {R}oots of {P}lant {C}arnivory}. Palfalvi, G.; Hackl, T.; Terhoeven, N.; Shibata, T. F.; Nishiyama, T.; Ankenbrand, M.; Becker, D.; Förster, F.; Freund, M.; Iosip, A.; Kreuzer, I.; Saul, F.; Kamida, C.; Fukushima, K.; Shigenobu, S.; Tamada, Y.; Adamec, L.; Hoshi, Y.; Ueda, K.; Winkelmann, T.; Fuchs, J.; Schubert, I.; Schwacke, R.; Al-Rasheid, K.; Schultz, J.; Hasebe, M.; Hedrich, R. In Curr Biol, 30(12), bll 2312–2320. 2020.
  • BCdatabaser: on-the-fly reference database creation for DNA (meta-)barcoding. Keller, Alexander; Hohlfeld, Sonja; Kolter, Andreas; Schultz, Jörg; Gemeinholzer, Birgit; Ankenbrand, Markus J. In Bioinformatics, bl in press. 2020.
2019[ to top ]
  • {{V}enus flytrap microbiotas withstand harsh conditions during prey digestion}. Sickel, W.; Van de Weyer, A. L.; Bemm, F.; Schultz, J.; Keller, A. In FEMS Microbiol. Ecol., 95(3). 2019.
  • {{A}cquiring {C}ontrol: {T}he {E}volution of {S}tomatal {S}ignalling {P}athways}. Sussmilch, F. C.; Schultz, J.; Hedrich, R.; Roelfsema, M. R. G. In Trends Plant Sci., 24(4), bll 342–351. 2019.
2018[ to top ]
  • reper: Genome-wide identification, classification and quantification of repetitive elements without an assembled genome. Terhoeven, Niklas; Schultz, Jörg; Hackl, Thomas. In Journal of Open Source Software, 3(22), bl 527. 2018.
2016[ to top ]
  • {{W}{H}{A}{M}{Y} is a novel actin polymerase promoting myoblast fusion, macrophage cell motility and sensory organ development in {D}rosophila}. Brinkmann, K.; Winterhoff, M.; Onel, S. F.; Schultz, J.; Faix, J.; Bogdan, S. In J. Cell. Sci., 129(3), bll 604–620. 2016.
  • {{V}enus flytrap carnivorous lifestyle builds on herbivore defense strategies}. Bemm, F.; Becker, D.; Larisch, C.; Kreuzer, I.; Escalante-Perez, M.; Schulze, W. X.; Ankenbrand, M.; Van de Weyer, A. L.; Krol, E.; Al-Rasheid, K. A.; Mithofer, A.; Weber, A. P.; Schultz, J.; Hedrich, R. In Genome Res., 26(6), bll 812–825. 2016.
  • TBro: visualization and management of de novo transcriptomes. Ankenbrand, Markus J.; Weber, Lorenz; Becker, Dirk; Förster, Frank; Bemm, Felix. In Database, 2016. 2016.
  • {{G}enome of a tardigrade: {H}orizontal gene transfer or bacterial contamination?}. Bemm, F.; Weiss, C. L.; Schultz, J.; Forster, F. In Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 2016.
  • {{G}ating of the two-pore cation channel {A}t{T}{P}{C}1 in the plant vacuole is based on a single voltage-sensing domain}. Ja?lan, D.; Mueller, T. D.; Becker, D.; Schultz, J.; Cuin, T. A.; Marten, I.; Dreyer, I.; Schonknecht, G.; Hedrich, R. In Plant Biol (Stuttg), 18(5), bll 750–760. 2016.
  • {{A}{L}{V}{I}{S}: interactive non-aggregative visualization and explorative analysis of multiple sequence alignments}. Schwarz, R. F.; Tamuri, A. U.; Kultys, M.; King, J.; Godwin, J.; Florescu, A. M.; Schultz, J.; Goldman, N. In Nucleic Acids Res., 44(8), bl e77. 2016.
2015[ to top ]
  • {{I}{T}{S}2 {D}atabase {V}: {T}wice as {M}uch}. Ankenbrand, M. J.; Keller, A.; Wolf, M.; Schultz, J.; Forster, F. In Mol. Biol. Evol., 32(11), bll 3030–3032. 2015.