Chair of Cell and Developmental Biology (Zoology I)

    For more than a century, Cell and Developmental Biology has been one major research focus at the Zoological Institute of the Julius-Maximilians-University in Würzburg. Here, Theodor Boveri founded the chromosome theory of inheritance and Hans Spemann did his famous habilitation.

    Today, we provide an inspiring scientific environment for several committed (and young) research groups. We work on basic aspects of membrane biology, as well as on the physics of cells, mammalian meiosis, developmental epigenetics and RNA biology. Importantly, we promote parasites, especially the deadly African trypanosomes, as powerful model system, without ignoring the huge impact that neglected tropical diseases have, especially in Africa.



    February 17, 2018

    Tim Krüger's (nature-inspired) vision of a bloodstream trypanbot on the issue cover of Micromachines

    February 16, 2018

    Uli Scheer publishes the rediscovery of Boveri's microscope slides in Würzburg.

    February 14, 2018

    Interested in doing your PhD in our interdisciplinary department? Perfect time to join us!

    February 8, 2018

    Novel components of the telomeric shelterin complex were identified in Trypanosome brucei.

    February 2, 2018

    Science or fiction? Can we design trypanosome-inspired micro-robots? Read our new review.

    February 1, 2018

    Advance notice for M.Sc. students. Our brand-new module will start in April.


    January 25, 2018 -- A103, 09:15 a.m.

    Size-dependent organelle transport during phagocytosis

    January 17, 2018

    Our work on VSG structure and dynamics featured by the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF)

    January 7, 2018

    New review in Cellular Microbiology

    Andrew Jonathan Nok (1962 - 2017)

    November 21, 2017

    Our friend and coworker Prof Andrew Nok has passed away. With deep sorrow we remember his brilliant intellect, his kindness and wonderful sense of humor. Markus Engstler

    November 13, 2017 -- A103, 09:15 a.m.

    Electron cryo microscopy as tool in structural biology


    November 13, 2017

    Find your favorite thesis project! We are continuously updating the selection of topics ...

    November 13, 2017

    Ricardo Benavente appointed „Investigador Emérito“ by the Clemente-Estable-Institute for Biological Research in Montevideo


    November 8, 2017

    Sarah's work in eLIFE featured by Cambridge-based BPoD

    November 16, 2017 -- A103, 09:15 a.m.

    Structural dissections of the flagellar pocket collar in Trypanosoma brucei and a novel oligomeric lysine methyltranferase from Toxoplasma gondii

    October 16, 2017

    We welcome all new (and old) students to the winter term. Hope you like our lectures, seminars and courses!

    October 12, 2017

    The school, co-organized by Susanne Kramer, has been honored by the HRK

    Microswimmer School in Cargese

    September 18 to 22, 2017

    Markus Engstler lectured at the International School "From single particle motion to collective behaviour".

    September 11, 2017

    Our work on the structure-function relationship of VSG published in Nature Microbiology

    August 15, 2017

    Sarah's work published in eLife

    Georg Borner

    July 27, 2017 -- A103, 09:15 a.m.

    MPI Biochemie, Martinsried

    Dynamic Mapping of Protein Subcellular Localization through Quantitative Proteomics

    Helena Reis

    July 19, 2017 -- A101, 02:30 p.m.

    PhD defence

    Helena Reis


    July 18, 2017

    ...we have started to launch our new websites ... will take a while ....

    Ger van Zandbergen

    July 13, 2017 -- A103, 09:15 a.m.

    Paul-Ehrlich-Institut, Langen

    “Paraphagy”, a new autophagy mechanism for Leishmania immune evasion?

    Nina Papavasiliou

    June 28, 2017 -- A101, 05:15 p.m.

    DKFZ Heidelberg

    Adaptive fine tuning of genetic information by DNA mutation and RNA editing


    Henriette Zimmermann

    June 21, 2017 -- A101, 02:30 p.m.

    PhD defence

    Henriette Zimmermann


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