Chair of Bioinformatics

Study Module: Modern Methods in Infection Biology 2023

(12th module course "Modern Methods in Infection Biology")

October 9th - 13th 2023

Julius-Maximilians-University Würzburg Germany

The workshop provides a major opportunity for networking with local experts in the field, as well as establishing new networks with international peers.

Selection criteria

Outstanding BSc and MSc students, and PhD candidates who have a clear focus on infection biology. Applicants are selected on the basis of motivation and qualification. International and national applications are welcome, as are applications from outstanding students of the University of Würzburg.

The number of participants is limited to 25.

Early registration is recommended.

Course requirements

Advanced spoken and written English skills are required as all lectures and labs are held in English.


Participants will receive a certificate of participation as well as 3-5 ECTS.
Participants may achieve 2 extra credits for a maximum of 5 credits total by submitting a Research Paper. Information regarding deadlines, format, content and topics are available in the online course. All Summer School participants will be able to register for the online course after admission to complete the preparatory reading and access course material.


Participants are responsible for organizing their own accommodation in Wuerzburg. We can recommend the Schönstattzentrum Marienhöhe or the Babelfisch Hostel.



When Schönstatt Centre is full, there are no more rooms available, the participants could book the rooms from this youth hostel on the webpage:

There is more information about the Wuerzburg, please visit here.

Course Lecturers

Monday 9.10: Prof. Dandekar

Tuesday 10.10: Dr. Fraunholz

Wednesday 11.10.: Networking day with guest speakers

Thursday 12.10: Dr. Kramer

Friday 13.10: Prof. Brehm

Friday 13.10. Farewell Dinner

Programme organisers

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar
Eva Fischer

The University of Würzburg is listed amongst the top four German universities in the Life Sciences and has a strong focus on infection biology research (source: funding ranking DFG).

The Faculty of Biology of the University of Würzburg is organizing an annual international Summer School in infection biology. Speakers and scientific coordinators are Prof. Dr. Dandekar, Prof. Dr. Brehm, Dr. Kramer and Dr. Fraunholz.

Our goal is to offer national and international BSc, MSc, and PhD students the opportunity to meet, learn and discuss, in order to develop and apply cutting edge insights and techniques and view these from a bioinformatics as well as a microbiology perspective.

Important new methods in drug screening, microscopy and system biology will be discussed and demonstrated. Participants will gain a deeper insight into important models of infectious  diseases and will benefit from small group discussions and subsequent application of newly acquired knowledge and techniques.

Application information

The application deadline is 10.07.2023

Please send applications to:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Dandekar

Biozentrum Am Hubland
Campus Hubland-Süd
Universität Würzburg
97074 Würzburg


Phone: +49-0931-3184551


Applications should include:

  • Letter of motivation (100 words)

  • Curriculum vitae

  • Publications, if applicable

Workshop location

Biocentre of the University of Würzburg,

Am Hubland, Würzburg, D-97074

Bavaria, Germany