Chair of Bioinformatics


    General information

    Julia consists of:

    • 44 standard compute nodes
    • 7 standard compute nodes with additional infiniband interconnect
    • 5 GPU nodes
    • 5 prepared GPU Nodes
    • 5 FAT Nodes

    Standard Compute Nodes

    The standard compute nodes are a dual socket setup:

    Infiniband Compute Nodes

    The infiniband compute nodes are a dual socket setup:

    GPU Compute Nodes

    The GPU compute nodes are a dual socket setup:

    prepared GPU Compute Nodes

    like the GPU nodes, but without the GPU cards. But the required slots and power supplies are already in place. We can therefore add additional GPU cards if needed.

    FAT Compute Nodes

    The FAT compute nodes are a quad socket setup:


    Julia has two mirrored 500 TB storage servers providing space via BeeGFS filesystem. These storages should be uses in order to run your simulations or your data analysis.

    More description please visit: http://doku.hpc.uni-wuerzburg.de






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