Chair of Bioinformatics


We offer individual practicals (F1, F2; M Sc., B.Sc.; dates to be negotiated) for any of our topics (e.g. learning programming; modelling cancer; understanding infection biology; metabolic networks; regulatory networks ...) for the interested student with a suitable qualification level. If interested, ask Prof. Thomas Dandekar (if not available direct enquiry to our secretary Eva Fischer).

Main Lectures (Master):

Bioinformatik (winter term, Mondays 3 p.m.)

Systembiologie (summer term, Mondays 3 p.m.)

For those who need the same contents in English please attend:

Topics in Systems Biology (winter term, Thursdays 10 a.m.)

Topics in Bioinformatics (summer term, Thursdays 11 a.m.)

    > these are two lectures discussing the same topics with the help of current publications.


This  Powerpoint gives in a nutshell an introduction to bioinformatics. The pictures and methods are explained in detail in our bachelor 3rd semester introductory course on bioinformatics. However, for learning and beginning, please consult the German or English versions of the following Textbooks:

  • Hansen, Andrea   „Bioinformatik“
    Bioinformatik : Ein Leitfaden für Naturwissenschaftler Taschenbuch – neueste Version 4. Oktober 2013; Web-Links im Anhang wichtig; Lernziel: einfache Analysen, insbesondere Sequenzanalysen, selbst durchführen lernen (nur auf deutsch)
  • Arthur M. Lesk   „Bioinformatik“
    Bioinformatik, Eine Einführung, Spektrum, 2003.
    Excellent reading, in English and in German versions are available, 2nd edition is up to date (from 2013) Zusammenhänge, Proteinstruktur, schöne Weblems und Problems
  • Edda Klipp   „Systems Biology2
    Systems Biology: A Textbook, 2nd Edition
    Klipp, Wolfram Liebermeister, Christoph Wierling, Axel Kowald
    ISBN: 978-3-527-33636-4; 504 pages, May 2016, Wiley-Blackwel. Excellent reading, however only in English available.
  • Thomas Dandekar, Meik Kunz   "Bioinformatik - Ein einführendes Lehrbuch"
    ISBN: 978-3662546970. Nur auf Deutsch im Moment. Kostenlos im Uninetz zu lesen.



  • Vorkurs Statistik (26. und 27.3.2018)
    (for the real beginners, coming from school!)
  • Introduction "Mathematische Biologie und Biostatistik" (each summer term)
    for 2nd semester - please come to our exercises on Wednesdays in Turing Hörsaal, Informatik!
  • We highly recommend our exercises of "Mathematische Biologie und Biostatistik" also for the interested 4th and 6th semester students.
  • Advanced training in statistics
    first look at the section Programming. Moreover, we offer also advenced courses in statistics on an individual basis - please inquire details at the chair of bioinformatics



Our standard introduction:

Our offer for students with average programming experience:

Our standard offer for students with programming experience:

  • Advanced course "Algorithmische Bioinformatik" for Master students (Dr. Tobias Müller)
    Here you do not only learn programming with R, you start to understand which questions you can answer this way!
  • Advanced course "Machine Learning in Bioinformatics" for Master students (Dr. Konrad Förstner)
    Here you learn Algorithms of artificial inteligence and biological applications

Advanced programming practicals are available on an individual basis (required basic programming skills in one language - either Perl, R od Python); both from the group leaders of the chair of Bioinformatics or also from our group leaders at the CCTB.

Other courses on programming:


Students of education (Lehramt)

We offer help for theses in Staatsexamen Lehramt (including MIND+ candidates).

Please contact for this:

Prof. Thomas Dandekar
Dr. Matthias Wolf

Wir helfen gerne mit Themenvorschlägen und unterstützen Sie bei Zulassungsarbeiten für das Staatsexamen Lehramt.

Bachelor (every semester)

6. Semester: 06079420 Spezielle Bioinformatik 3

Bachelor (summer term)

2. Semester: 06076300 Mathematische Biologie und Biostatistik VL/Ü

4. Semester: 06077130 Bioinformatik für Fortgeschrittene VL/Ü

06077390 Spezielle Bioinformatik 1 - Evolutionsbiologie und Stammbäume Blockveranstaltung

Bachelor (winter term)

3. Semester: 06076520 Bioinformatik (Modul GEMT) VL/Ü

5. Semester: 06078410 Spezielle Bioinformatik 2 Blockveranstaltung


Master (every semester)

06102410 Bioinformatik F1 P/Sem     

06023820 Computational Biology F1 (BioEUMaster)       

06102420 Bioinformatik F2 P/Sem

06023830 Computational Biology F2 (BioEUMaster)

06102000 Molekulare Biologie / Molecular Biology (also BioEUMaster)

06111070 Molekulare Biologie B (SoSe: Engl. / WS: Deutsch)

06023800 Molecular Biology F1 P/Sem  (BioEUMaster)    

06023810 Molecular Biology F2 P/Sem  (BioEUMaster)                                            

06103710 Systems Biology F1 P/Sem                                               

06103720 Systems Biology F2 P/Sem                                      

06074870 Spezialveranstaltungen aus der Biologie&Naturwissenschaften                        


Master (summer term)

06103730 Systembiologie VL/Sem

06103740 Systembiologie B

06290040 Topics in Bioinformatics (also BioEUMaster)     

06074080 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics                   

Master (winter term)

06102400 Bioinformatik VL/Sem  

06111080 Bioinformatik B

06110200 Linux & Perl Blockveranstaltung

06074220 Topics in Systems Biology

06074080 Machine Learning in Bioinformatics

Fachspezifische Schlüsselqualifikationen (summer term)

06077620 EDV-Grundlagen Blockveranstaltung

06290280 Smart City


Fachspezifische Schlüsselqualifikationen (winter term)

06290030 Einfache Computertools

06290280 Smart City            

06290010 Grundlagen der Systemadministration Blockveranstaltung

Other courses and Summer Schools

Biology Master:

06074040 Algorithmische Bioinformatik VL/Ü   

Biologie Lehramt:

06070700 Statistik in der Forschung - LA Gym (summer term)

06077040 Forschungsorientiertes Praktikum Blockveranstaltung (winter term)

GSLS / Focus Master Life Sciences:

06300000 Methods in Life Sciences 


03985550 Bioinformatik für Biomediziner Blockveranstaltung (winter term)

03320100/200 Epidemiology VL/Sem (every semester)

Other courses (sumer term):

06074050 Anleitung zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten 

Other courses (winter term):

06074070 Anleitung zum wissenschaftlichen Arbeiten 

Summer School in Infection Biology